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Duncan bails Richie out of jail after he was caught stealing files from an adoption agency in an effort to find out who his parents are. From what Richie read in the files before he was ...DOWNLOAD






































Duncan bails Richie out of jail after he was caught stealing files from an adoption agency in an effort to find out who his parents are. From what Richie read in the files before he was caught, he and Duncan are able to find a man who claims to be his father. Duncan senses that something isn't right, so he hits the streets to find out who this man really is. Have friends who were raised/adopted and only 1 really has no interest in finding birth parent(s), I can see why some do an others don't, and that too can change over time. On Highlander, they aren't suppose to know where or who they came from, its all apart of the myth/story of immortals.

This epi, we aren't to "know" Richie is one of them yet, well actually "we" don't, even Tessa questions Duncan as to why he wont help, so of course he does.

Richie was about 3 or 4 when the woman he thought was his mom dies in front of him, and from the glimpse he gets of his papers sees she was still married when died. Richie finds someone who then "claims" to be his dad, (Duncan suspicious), and well Richie really tries to believe even though not a very good man/father and even sticks up for him, but...Duncan has pretty much found out who the isn't and that he "owes" money and willin to steal...

Richie finds out he isn't who he thought, well was hoping for, found out they were (she was) foster mom and this other man is going to see his son to well make amends ? well who knows...and this ends with him still thinking he might find out what happened to his parents. Of course love the flashbacks as Duncan too wonders where he came from, even though his father "disowned" him but of course he still avenged his fathers death (lucky his mom said he was Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, another future epi with another legend). EPISODE ONE HAD THE GAME RULES SET, EPISODE TWO SETS... ... THE ORIGINS???????

We will have three main players along the first season: Duncan Macleod, his girlfriend Tessa Noel and Richie Ryan, a young boy that became more or less Duncan's protégé after they met each other in the first episode. During that first episode we had a quick glance at both the friendship and clan relationship between Duncan and Connor Macleod (who most viewers knew from the HIGHLANDER movies). We had during that episode an introduction to the series and now we are having a slightly deeper look at our characters. We will get to know more about Richie in real time as he investigates about his past and about Macloud via FLASHBACKS he remembers along the episode... ... by the way... ...FLASHBACKS are sometimes the best part of both the episodes and the series!!! !!!

During this episode we have Richie begin researching about his origins, being one of the few memories he has the day he saw his mother die while they were inside a candy store, Richie manages to track down the candy store's old owner and find afterwards a man whose current name is Joe and claims to be his father, being his former name JACK RYAN. This man seems to have a story to tell about a life with Richie's mother and looks convincing.

Few is revealed about the first years of Duncan before he knew he was immortal, in a sense, his story begins after he dies for the first time. Maybe the most interesting concept talking about the nucleus of the HIGHLANDER the series' canon is that IMMORTALS are not exactly EVER-LIVING, they are more like EVER- RESURRECTING!!!!!!! unless someone happens to kill them cutting their heads off. We see Duncan dying and the praying woman besides him shouting when he comes back to life. Afterwards, Duncan's father and the whole tribe exile him as if he was some kind of demon. After today's adventure, Richie learns that the man who said that he was his father was not, his mother had adopted Richie via an adoption agency and again he knows nothing about his real origins. Also in a flashback, we see the moment when his "father" reveals Duncan that he was not really his son. They had switched him with his stillborn son when he was a little baby found at their doorstep.

Once again we have two of our main characters knowing absolutely nothing about their real origins...

Thanks for reading.

IMDb Review written by David del Real.

November 2017.


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