18. Sep, 2018

Archer 720p

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Covert black ops and espionage take a back seat to zany personalities and relationships between secret agents and drones.

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original title: Archer

genge: Animation,Action,Comedy

imdb: 8.5

duration: 22min

tags: Espionage never tasted so salty. (season 1)

keywords: spy, espionage, domineeringmother, retrostylesecretagent, fictionalspyagency, violence, adultanimation, femaleboss, promiscuousmother, madscientist, pistol, kravmaga, martialarts, parody, manchild, se



















































Covert black ops and espionage take a back seat to zany personalities and relationships between secret agents and drones. Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy that revolves around an international spy agency and the lives of its employees. Although their work of espionage, reconnaissance missions, wiretapping and undercover surveillance is daunting and dangerous, every covert operation and global crisis is actually just another excuse for the staff to undermine, sabotage and betray each other for personal gain. The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the highly skilled and incredibly vain master spy "Sterling Archer;" Aisha Tyler as Archer's fellow agent and ex-girlfriend, "Lana Kane;" Jessica Walter as Archer's domineering mother and spy agency director, "Malory Archer;" Chris Parnell as the easily intimidated comptroller-turned secret agent "Cyril Figgis;" Judy Greer as Malory's loquacious, dingbat secretary, "Cheryl;" Amber Nash as the discordant director of human resources, "Pam Poovey;" Adam Reed as the gay voice of reason, "Ray Gillette;" and Lucky Yates as the spy agency's possibly mad scientist/ possibly clone of himself, "Krieger." Having only seen bits and pieces of Archer, I was very skeptical to give it shot; but having accidentally forgotten to cancel my Netflix trial account I decided to give the show a three episode trial; and I am glad that I have; I am not a guy that is easily brought to laughter, for me, visual content has to be matched with brilliant witting to give me chuckle; but this show had me literally laughing out loud.

Sterling Archer is neurotic, superficial, obnoxious, narcissistic, and dealing, like most men, with awkward mommy issues. However for each of his flaws there is a grandiose compensation in raw talent. His superb combat skills are only outmatched by his wit. His command of the English language, as well as Russian, is borderline educational for the viewers.

But not just him, each character has so much personality that you just have to love them. From an insane scientist, that uses his coworkers as lab rats, to a pot smoking secretary, all characters bring something unique to the show.

This show is a gem, a huge leap forward for the American animation in Japanese dominated market. The writers, the animators, and the voice actors are all just brilliant. And with great enthusiasm I just want more Archer. Out of Whack writing. Over the top characters. Repeated Gags which only get funnier every time. Inappropriate humor. Crazy action. And, Jessica Walter, who is basically just playing her character from Arrested Development.

My roommate suggested this way, way back, and I started watching this show only last Saturday. A super spy who thinks very little, and has mother issues. A female spy who's super attractive, and love-hates the hero, and follows him everywhere. Throw in an over bearing mother, the KGB, ultra crazy characters, and what you get is Archer. Totally engaging. And, did I mention? Super funny. Entertainment guaranteed. And, as an added bonus, it's available on Netflix. Highly recommended !! The universe of Archer uses fashion and hairstyles from the early 1960s with a mix of 1980s architecture. Present-day technology such as smartphones and the internet as well as current social values such as the general acceptance of LGBT people and women in positions of power can also be seen in Archer. Countries that no longer exists today such as the Soviet Union still clearly exists in the Archer universe. "The Cold War never ended" is the most accepted theory put forward by the show's creator which mean's that Archer is set in the present day but in an alternate timeline from our own.


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